Working Place:
Key Words:
  ·IT, Electronics,Net
  ·Machine manufacturing
  ·Fast,Durable consumer goods
  ·Construction and Engineering
  ·Corporate Consultation
  Personnel Agency
  ·Labour Dispatch
  ·Talent Dispatch Sercice
  ·Clerk Employment
  ·Personnel Agency
  ·HR Management Outsourcing

Product system:
   Training Department: provides EMBA courses for enterprineurs which will be taught by series consulting mode in small class. The department opens classes for HR directors, marketing directors, operative directors, etc. The special teaching mode “to listen for, think over and cultivate” deals with problems occurring in the process of training.
   Consulting department: on the basis of quantification research on commercial mode and management mode, puts enterpreneur’s strategic quality and cultural thought into quantification and formulate the most suitable development plan for enterprises. The management mode combines the Four Steps Consulting Flow: optimizing the administration, work analysis, remuneration design and performance tests with employee’s development coached by Boss, having changed the traditional mode. The three into one management mode let enterprineurs be the management coach and sprite leader.
   The Assessment Department: solves the no standard assessing problem. Presently the department provides the following four assessing methods which are: leading appraisal and development, salesman appraisal and development, job fitting appraisal and development and college occupational development appraisal, for employee to build a clear occupational path.
   Heart Cultivating Department: focuses on individual household settlement plan, provides comprehensive value-added service from the aspect of heart cultivating and lets every participant realize the real ego.

Training Strength:
Provide an effective project for enterprise according to its real circumstance.
System establishment helps enterprise deal with management troubles.
In scientific development method the effect of service will be quantified into menu and files, the achievements into management plan. All of these can be changed into visible investment.
In industrial chain mode constantly provide comprehensive value-added service.
he multi-cooperating mode avoids your worry and trouble.



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