Working Place:
Key Words:
  ·IT, Electronics,Net
  ·Machine manufacturing
  ·Fast,Durable consumer goods
  ·Construction and Engineering
  ·Corporate Consultation
  Personnel Agency
  ·Labour Dispatch
  ·Talent Dispatch Sercice
  ·Clerk Employment
  ·Personnel Agency
  ·HR Management Outsourcing

Service Introduction:
     Professional headhunting services are the core services items of Wealth web, which are in the charge of professional veteran consultants who have received good education, known well about corporate culture and have engaged in recruiting for long time. is able to provide sincere, agile and accurate service for customers. So far, has recommended many talents for large-size companies, high-tech enterprises.
Objects served by Wealth:
﹡Senior talents with a great responsibility
﹡Senior talents who the enterprise urgently needs but hardly recruit openly.
﹡Professional talents who the enterprise hardly recruits.

Procedure Instructions:
﹡Appraisal on position information according to client's consultation;
﹡Confirming the requirements of entrusted position and signing contract;
﹡Paying the deposit, starting to hunt based on the talent specification;
﹡Working out detail hunting plan, feedback to clients  to let them know the process we are in
﹡Offering the list of talent candidates who has passed our selection, interview and assessment;
﹡After interviewed by customer candidates are recruited;
﹡After recruitment we'll go on with tracing service to make sure the candidate smoothly melts into company.

Strength Service: Why enterprise chooses Wealth:
1. Credibility: To select and recommend senior talents with credibility.
2. Full of experience: Successfully hunted and recommended senior talents for famous companies.
3. Strong team:  Qualified consultant team to provide professional headhunting service.
4. Scientific selection: Having a complete talent assessing system and standard service procedure.
Probation period:
     Three months for Senior post(vice general manager, general manager or above);
Two months for Medium post (director, manager)
Wealth pledges not to hunt talents from recommended customers and never divulge a secret during the project or one year after the end of project

Successfully served customers:

   Lenovo mobile, Dell, Coca Cola, Sankeshu, Tomato Holding Co.,Ltd, Huawei, GNReSound, Vanke Group,, Shenzhen Lenovo, K-boxing, Tries Group, Septwolves Group, Senma Group, Foxcom,, Jinguan Group, Enjoy auto, Fuhua Food, etc.
    Vanke Group, Senkun Investment Group, Yunzhou Group, Dajia Group, Jianfa Group, 5continent Group, Hongkong Federal Group, Aviation Real estate, etc.
IT/ Telecommunication:
Netcom,,, Huawei, Shanghai Huateng, etc.

    Our strength is owning a large and comprehensive talent bank. We're focusing on talent hunting and reserving. We can find and hunt the suitable talent.

Headhunting Service Hotline:
E-mail:[email protected]
Headhunting Service Hotline:400-7160-080
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